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NAMI Maryland Board of Directors


Joe Ashworth, President

Denise Evans, 1st Vice President

Stuart TenHoor, 2nd Vice President

Ton Gardeniers, Treasurer

Gertie Wilson, Secretary

Adeola Adebamowo

Jim Anzalone

Charita Cole Brown

Frank Fillmore

Gia Greer-McGinnis

Lauren Messina

Mike Perez

Shareese Strong

Linda Weinberg

Sarah Weissman

Samantha Zipp-Dowd


Watch our "Meet our Board of Directors" video series where some of the members of our board share their personal experience and their relationship with NAMI Maryland!



NAMI Maryland Staff


Kate Farinholt, Executive Director

Elizabeth Bloom, Operations Director

Danielle Fletcher, Communications and Outreach Coordinator

McKenzie Huggin, Community and Povider Education Coordinator

Keshaunia White, Administrative Assistant

Alexis Brown, Project Specialist

Joe Weiss, Accountant

Deneice Valentine, Program & Training Coordinator

Summer Valentine, Program Support

Bertina Silver, Project Associate

Jamea Miller, Program Associate

Camille Jarin, Outreach Associate

Aja Langston, Community and Outreach Support



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