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Advocacy Makes a Difference!

NAMI Maryland is a strong voice on mental illness, carrying out ongoing advocacy for a public policy agenda to improve mental health services throughout the state, reduce the stigma associated with mental illness, and support effective treatment and recovery programs.


2017 NAMI Maryland Public Policy Platform:

Please read our 2017 Public Policy Platform to learn more about NAMI Maryland's policy objectives and positions that support our goal of ensuring that individuals with mental illness and their families are able to access quality, affordable and comprehensive mental health treatment, prevention and recovery services throughout Maryland.


2017 NAMI Maryland Advocacy Priorities

At NAMI Maryland, we are acutely aware that access to comprehensive, quality mental health care can improve the lives of the more than one million Marylanders affected by mental illness. It is well pastdue that Maryland’s elected officials and decision-makers make a genuine and sustainable investment in accessible and quality behavioral health inpatient and outpatient treatment and services. We all know too well that the high cost of not treating mental illness vastly exceeds the cost of treatment. In 2017, NAMI Maryland will lead advocacy efforts to improve access to timely and effective mental health treatment for individuals with mental illness and their families by focusing on the following advocacy priorities:


  • Protect and expand access to behavioral health treatment and services in the FY 2018 Behavioral Health and Medicaid Budgets.
  • Ensure insurance marketplace reforms include mental health and substance use disorder coverage in every health plan and at the same level (parity) as other health conditions. 
  • Reduce legal barriers that disrupt access to timely and effective services for individuals with mental illness and their family members and/or caregivers. 
  • Improve the criminal justice system’s response to individuals with mental illness and increase diversion efforts from criminal justice to community services. 


2018 Advocacy Day Information

Please join us in Annapolis on February 22 for the 2018 Advocacy Day!

This is your chance to meet with your elected officials and make your voice heard! Stay tuned for more details!