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Legal Resources


Plan of Maryland-DC., Inc.  

PLAN can provide clinical case management, budgeting and escrow account management services to help clients negotiate the public benefits system and to help them manage day-to-day affairs.


Emergency Petition Process

This brochure describes steps to assist a person who is in a psychiatric crisis and needs help. A psychiatric crisis includes, but is not limited to: suicidal or homicidal thinking and/or behavior, acute psychotic symptoms, sudden change in mental status, and violence. The steps progress from help for a person who is cooperative, to getting an emergency evaluation, to involuntary admission to a hospital.

Use this form to file for Petition for Emergency Evaluation

Pro Bono Resource Center

A guide to pro bono legal services in Maryland

Beyond Punishment: Helping Individuals with Mental Illness in Maryland’s Criminal Justice Center

A guide to the criminal justice system in Maryland

The Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law

The Bazelon Center accomplishes its goals through a unique combination of litigation, public policy advocacy, coalition building and leadership, public education, media outreach and technical assistance—a comprehensive approach that ensures we achieve the greatest impact.