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Let's End COVID, Maryland!

All Marylanders 12 and older are now eligible for vaccination!  Pre-register for an appointment at a mass vaccination site or find a pharmacy, hospital, or local health department near you to make an appointment.


Have questions?  Click here for our vaccination information page.

We are partnered with the Maryland Department of Health on COVIDConnect - a free online website for support, research, and mental health resources for everyone who has been affected by COVID-19.  Visit now!

NAMI Maryland Webinar Series

NAMI Maryland is developing and disseminate free webinars for a wide range of audiences. During these difficult times,  webinars have been critical as a means of education and support for individuals living with mental illness, their family members, and providers who are trying to navigate the dual pandemic. 


These webinars are scheduled to occur on a consistent basis and will last no longer than an hour through NAMI Maryland's platform. We will record these webinars for dissemination to all registered attendees and will post the recording on a dedicated page of our website for any individuals who may be unable to attend. As with our previous webinars, we also plan to create a one page resource infographic for easy distribution which will highlight the critical information presented during each webinar.

Conference Recordings


NEW! The recordings for NAMI Maryland's 40th Annual Conference are now available! 

Click here for the YouTube playlist of all recorded workshops.


Webinars (Upcoming):

  • 4/25/23: How Does Trauma Affect Us as Caregivers to the Community?  Our Fight, Flight, Freeze, Appease, or Disassociate Responses presented by Lt. Steven Thomas.  (Part of the NAMI Frontline Wellness Webinar Series.)

    Webinars (Recorded):

    Fact Sheets:



    NEW!  NAMI Frontline Wellness

    NAMI is pleased to join the #FirstRespondersFirst initiative to support frontline health care and public safety professionals facing the adverse mental health effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.  This community-centered initiative is called NAMI Frontline Wellness.  Click here for more information.