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What To Do During a Psychiatric Crisis?

It is important that you seek help right away. We have posted hotline numbers as well as numbers for mobile crisis teams who may be able to come to your home and assist you or your family member in a crisis. 

What is a Psychiatric Crisis?

A psychiatric crisis includes but is not limited to: suicidal or homicidal thinking and/or behavior, acute psychotic symptoms, sudden change in mental status and violence. The steps progress from help for a person who is cooperative, to getting an emergency evaluation, to involuntary admission to a hospital.

Who to Call in a Psychiatric Crisis?

If you or someone you know is in physical danger, go to a safe place and call 911.

Crisis Hotlines in Maryland
  • Maryland Crisis Hotline

TDD line 410-531-5086

  • Baltimore (Baltimore Crisis Response)


  • Howard County (Grassroots Crisis Hotline)


  • Baltimore County (Baltimore Crisis Response)


  • Montgomery County (Crisis Center)

240-777-4815 TTY


NAMI Maryland's crisis brochure describes steps to assist a person who is in a psychiatric crisis and needs help. Click below to access NAMI Maryland's, "What to do in a Psychiatric Crisis in Maryland," brochure.